Recycling with Artificial Intelligence

Universidad Austral (Argentina) '21


80% of waste is able to be reintroduced into the circular economy, not only this is a challenge regarding pollution but also an opportunity for sustainable business development. In Buenos Aires, 70% of waste does not go to any recycling process due to civil society not separating their waste. One of the main causes is not knowing what is recyclable or not.


Using an Artificial Intelligence model through image recognition, we intend to design different solutions such as: - Consultation app/chatbot for people regarding recyclables - Use of robotics in waste separation centers to identify and separate recyclables - Smart bins Also, recyclable material collection generates jobs for homeless people in Buenos Aires City. More recyclable, more people out of the streets.

Main Beneficiaries:

Civil Society 44 Million in Argentina - Only in Buenos Aires City, daily waste is equivalent to 1130 elephants Second-hand producers (eg. 3D printing material producers) Governments


Inspiration and ideation


GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality


Universidad Austral (Argentina) '21