Tec de Monterrey (México)


Tziscao is one of the municipalities with the higher levels of poverty in México, there’s limited access to health and education services. It´s located in the territory of the Montebello Lakes so the common occupations for its residents are tourism-related. However, the incomes are not enough for many families, the activities offered are limited, and lack a sense of ethical responsibility with the environment and the future of the community.


Boost agro-ecological tourism practices that re-activate the economy in Tziscao, an indigenous community in Chiapas. We are looking for sustainable progress that is expected to reduce the environmental impact of tourism in addition to practices that lower the social gap in the population by providing better professional opportunities that allow spiritual growth and the connection with the nature of the community.

Main Beneficiaries:

Population in Tziscao, maya-chuj community in Chiapas, Mexico. Its located at the frontier with Guatemala with a total of 2,000 residents with no educational offer for children aside from low quality basic education. At the moment, the principal economical activities are associated either with coffee production or tourism services.


Execution and validation


GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality

GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities


Tec de Monterrey (México)