‘Move and Save’, The New Generation of Vertical Farming

University of Miami (USA)


Vertical farming is the newest solution for the food consumption industry, the increasing rate of growing populations, and the wide range of environmental issues that come with agricultural practices. However, vertical farming also comes with environmental challenges, one of them being high level of energy consumption. As we know, most of the global energy production comes from fossil fuels which are the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions.


The main objective of our idea is to reduce light consumption in vertical farming by 50%. We are planing to achieve this by creating a new model of pots that will be light sensitive and will rotate 60 degree angle pointing towards light when necessary. Half of the lights aligned above the pots will be sharing the illumination period by half, and the pots that will not be illuminated will rotate pointing to the light.

Main Beneficiaries:

There will be multiple beneficiaries from this project. Vertical farming companies will be able to lower their energy bill, allowing them to increase their production rates. The energy consumption impact on the Environment will be reduced by decreasing green house gas emissions, and this will benefit natural environments and human societies.


Inspiration and ideation


GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

GOAL 13: Climate Action


University of Miami (USA)

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