Uriel Project - Motorcycle Airbag

Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador)


We as a group observe a huge problem in Ecuador, being this the deaths caused by a traffic accident, in both groups motorcycles and bicycles. Thus, in the last three years deaths increased from 5,500 claims to 9,107 claims. Therefore, a lack of protection is observed around these people. Additionally, one of the causes of this lack of protection is given by the costs in the market of protection products, reaching excessively high prices that a person of average social status could not afford.


After understanding the problem, one of the solutions that we came up to is to create a tipo of airbag that is specially made for people that use different types of vehicles like, motorcycles scooters, bicycles and vehicles like those. This would help our team to take care of the drivers life, this airbag that surrounds the body of the person who is driving and opens to avoid the body from crashing the floor. When an accident happens, this device helps to protect parts of the body that are vital

Main Beneficiaries:

We want to focus on motorcycle drivers all across Ecuador. In 2018 582.506 motorcycles where registered in Ecuador, so we have a growing market that has a growing range of 30%. As we are planning to develop a product that is made with good and not so expensive materials, the price of the chests ins´t going to be higher than 150 dollars. Many of our beneficiaries are very interested in our product and are willing to spend that amount of money in order to ve more secure while driving.


Inspiration and ideation


GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

GOAL 15: Life on Land


Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador)