HRB (help, reforest, build)

Universidad Austral (Argentina)


All over the world places were destroyed, thousands of people were freaking out during the deforestation and fires, without people's help sharing it through social media, we wouldn't know what was happening. Now that places are destroyed, it won't be the same


But in our afraid, no, this decade we are more focused than ever before. You see, one of the best thing we can do requires nothing more than our hearts. I'm not talking about doing simple cleaning of the deforested zones, I'm talking about doing sustainable complex, It is some sort of place where you can spend time with family, having healthy meals. It also provides solar power energy which will bring light to the complex, and also water dispensers fueled with solar energy.

Main Beneficiaries:

This complex will be absolutely available for the ones in the areas that were destroyed and deforested by so many external factors, for example, Turkey, United States, and Brazil. But we will bring these sustainable complexes worldwide. Now, we are focusing on the places that need them the most.


Inspiration and ideation


GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

GOAL 13: Climate Action


Universidad Austral (Argentina)