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Padel clubs in Quito, Ecuador have several dead hours of operation. These time spans result in sub-utilization of the facilities and as a result a reduction of their revenues. In the same way, the need in companies to exercise their teamwork abilities is evident. Teamwork abilities allow companies to work efficiently and effectively throughout the organization.


Based on the problems, we have decided to create a service to solve the dead hours in padel clubs. Taking into account that the owners of these spaces lose money because of the disuse of padel clubs, we are providing a service to help with these empty hours. This idea will generate profits for the owners and for us. On the other hand, we will provide a team building service to improve the work environment of the companies and help those enterprises with their labor relations.

Main Beneficiaries:

The beneficiaries of our service are two, on the one hand the paddle clubs that align themselves with us because we will make them profits in those hours that the place is empty. Our other beneficiaries will be medium-sized companies because they will have sufficient purchasing power, they must also have a medium number of workers.


Inspiration and ideation


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