SunRide Miami

University of Miami (Miami Herbert Business School)


The problem is Miami's transportation issues: traffic congestion, environmental impact, inadequate public transit, affordability, and lack of innovation. We aim to address these challenges by offering SunRide Miami, a comprehensive and sustainable solution.


SunRide Miami offers a holistic solution to Miami's transportation challenges. It combats traffic congestion with efficient, clean-energy buses, reduces the environmental impact by minimizing fossil fuel use, expands public transportation for better accessibility, prioritizes affordability through ad-generated revenue, and introduces innovation with user-friendly apps and green stations. Aligned with SDG 11, this project improves the quality of life for all Miami residents.

Main Beneficiaries:

SunRide Miami will dramatically change thousands of lives. The beneficiaries include over 450,000 Miami residents who will enjoy affordable and sustainable transportation, reducing costs and travel times; the millions of visitors who will access the eco-friendly transit, reducing their environmental impact while exploring the city; low-income communities who will have decreased financial burdens, while having access to employment and education without sacrificing income; businesses who with increased accessibility will have more customers, fostering economic growth; and the government because Sunrise Miami will ease traffic congestion, enhancing urban air quality, and aligning with sustainability goals for a more efficient and eco-friendly transportation network.


Inspiration and ideation


GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

GOAL 13: Climate Action


University of Miami (Miami Herbert Business School)

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Dear Iris and Vasco, We're so happy that you submitted this project. I'd love to connect to ensure that you have everything you need. Best Cecilia Sanchez