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Land and marine environmental pollution caused by plastic bags.


Creation and distribution of custom biodegradable bags made from cornstarch. These bags will have a shorter decomposition time and will not be harmful to the environment. Our venture will begin in the Cumbayá area.

Main Beneficiaries:

1. Local Residents: Residents of the Cumbayá area will benefit from reduced environmental pollution and a cleaner, healthier community. They can use the biodegradable bags for their shopping and daily activities without contributing to plastic waste. 2. Marine Life: Marine ecosystems and wildlife will benefit as the reduced use of plastic bags decreases the likelihood of plastic entering water bodies and harming aquatic life. 3. Terrestrial Ecosystems: The local terrestrial environment will experience less plastic pollution, helping to preserve the natural beauty of the area and protect native flora and fauna. 4. Future Generations: The long-term beneficiaries are future generations who will inherit a cleaner and less polluted environment, with a reduced risk of the negative effects associated with plastic pollution. The estimated number of people who could benefit from this initiative will depend on the scale of implementation and the community's size. It is essential to engage the local population and raise awareness about the benefits of using biodegradable bags to maximize the positive impact on the environment.


Execution and validation


GOAL 14: Life Below Water

GOAL 13: Climate Action


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