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The main problem is the contamination generated by the large amount of textile waste in the desert of our country. The problem is generated by a remarkable irresponsibility at the time of abandoning these textile wastes without foreseeing or considering what consequences it could generate. The abandonment of clothes in which we concentrate on was triggered approximately 15 years ago in our country and was born from the entry of imported clothes and deposited in the north of Chile, giving rise


It consists of creating a company B, which produces footwear (sneakers), obtaining the raw material directly from textile and plastic waste from tires found in the northern part of our country or better known as "used clothes cemetery"

Main Beneficiaries:

Reduce the textile pollution that exists near the desert, but also, teach women of the community who are looking for a job opportunity, reinventing themselves and contributing to the environment.


Inspiration and ideation


GOAL 13: Climate Action


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