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Anxiety and stress are common problems among students, caused by academic pressure, family expectations, adaptation to new environments and concern for the professional future. Ignoring these problems can lead to serious consequences such as poor academic performance, mental health problems such as depression and, in extreme cases, dropping out of school or social isolation. It is imperative to address this crisis with practical solutions accessible to students.


Chill-U is a comprehensive application for college students that offers academic support and emotional well-being. It works as your personal companion, helping you organize tasks, manage emotions, plan activities and set goals. In addition, it easily connects you with professionals to receive the necessary support. With its intuitive interface and custom features, Chill-U simplifies your university life, keeping it organized and balanced.

Main Beneficiaries:

Chill-U offers a variety of benefits, including comprehensive support, efficient task organization, emotional registration, goal setting, professional access, intuitive interface, promotion of academic-personal life balance, sense of companionship, improving academic performance and facilitating personal growth.


Execution and validation


GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being


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