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Ground delivery services face challenges such as traffic congestion, emit high amounts of carbon dioxide, and due to poor vehicle infrastructure, they can be victims or causes of fatal accidents, causing delays in deliveries and the product not arriving from the manner appropriate to the client.


Making deliveries with drones allows for faster shipments, reducing the carbon footprint, without depending on congested roads and allowing us to reach remote areas more effectively, without being victims of fatal accidents and delivering the product in the best way.

Main Beneficiaries:

Students: There are more than 100,000 university students in Ecuador, they can use our service to receive products quickly and conveniently, avoiding the need to physically travel to a store, shortening the waiting time compared to ground deliveries and also reducing the cost of this service.


Execution and validation


GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy


Universidad San Francisco de Quito USFQ