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In Ecuador, a significant group of people has been identified who wish to stop consuming cow's milk and switch to plant-based soy milk. However, one of the major obstacles is the price and accessibility of soy milk, as it is not a domestically produced product, and export prices make it very expensive. As a result, people continue to consume animal milk even though they desire to change their lifestyle. The consumption of cow's milk has several health repercussions due to its high cholesterol an


NUTRISOY EC is a domestic product focused on the production of soy milk. This product promotes the well-being and enhances the health of customers. Being a domestic product, it is more accessible with affordable prices and a commitment to environmental care.

Main Beneficiaries:

To all kinds of individuals, but especially athletes, lactose intolerant individuals, and people who simply want to improve their health by consuming soy milk.


Execution and validation


GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

GOAL 13: Climate Action


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