Zibá Natura

Universidad San Francisco de Quito USFQ


We are attempting to raise awareness about the environmental issues in Ecuador such as endangered endemic species, threatened landscapes, biodiversity conservation, and environmental preservation that put in danger countless lives, both animal and human, in the indigenous communities that habit and depend on these ecosystems to survive.


We are making a series of collectible stickers that depict endemic animals, plants, and landscapes alongside a QR code that contains information about their conservation status, threats, a 360 view of the habitat of the species and possible ways to protect them. The designs are made in collaboration with local artists. The 360 view will be recorded by local indigenous people.

Main Beneficiaries:

Our beneficiaries are indigenous communities that inhabit a wide array of ecosystems throughout all of Ecuador and are composed of about 850.000 people from different cultures that possess a deep connection with the environment they occupy and would be gravely affected if these environments were damaged. We are also benefiting Ecuador, by protecting the amazing biodiversity that characterizes the country.


Execution and validation


GOAL 13: Climate Action

GOAL 15: Life on Land


Universidad San Francisco de Quito USFQ