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In today's high-speed tech-driven world, countless individuals are stranded in the frustrating desert of technical difficulties, desperately seeking an oasis of instant and reliable support. This digital dilemma is even more pronounced for the elderly, people with disabilities, and small businesses who grapple with a parched landscape devoid of timely assistance when they need it the most.


Our solution, 24/7 Support, is a groundbreaking virtual technical assistance service available 24/7. It's staffed by a highly skilled team, providing personalized solutions, real-time notifications, an intelligent chatbot, a service history, and access from anywhere. It empowers users to tackle their technological issues quickly and efficiently, eliminating the pain points associated with traditional tech support.

Main Beneficiaries:

Beneficiaries: 1. Approximately 1,520,590 elderly individuals aged 65 and older in Ecuador can benefit from our technology assistance. 2. In Ecuador, with approximately 18.3 million inhabitants, 543.045 people are living with disabilities, including physical, psychosocial, or sensory impairments. 3. In 2023, there has been a surge in small business registrations in Ecuador, with approximately 6,378 new entrepreneurs seeking efficient tech support to overcome IT challenges. 4. A wide audience looking for convenient and immediate tech solutions. With 24/7 Support, we estimate that we can positively impact thousands of people, promoting digital inclusion and simplifying their tech-related challenges.


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