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In Ecuador, more than 929 million bank transactions of all kinds were made in 2022. However, the way in which these are currently done is inefficient in terms of time and money. Currently, to make a simple transaction, we must have the ID number, the name, the account number and also go through several security windows. This ends up being a whole marathon when all we want to do is just transfer $15 to our aunt... Besides, who hasn’t made a mistake writing an account number and had to start over?


AHORITA is an application that provides an alternative option to the transactional methods that are currently used in Ecuador. Our service aims to improve efficiency through fast transactions that will be made through the phone number. The application connects directly to your contacts, and you simply select someone to transfer him the desired amount. We also seek to reduce interbank transaction costs, and of course, all that providing sufficient security mechanisms for our customers.

Main Beneficiaries:

The beneficiaries of this project are basically all of the citizens who have access to a smartphone and internet. We can also include a lot of buisnesses that, when there are enough clients, will also join "AHORITA" and add it as a method payment.


Inspiration and ideation


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